About Us

Action Levels is a STEAM-based education toy company that ignites joy and curiosity through play. Action Levels are for people ages 13+. The sensory activities are engaging, educational, and fun. Our goal is to reduce burnout, elevate education experiences and improve the quality of life for every player. 

Created by a scientist and education advocate, Action Levels is designed to encourage play, strengthen the mind and evoke curiosity. 

Here is a short list of people who enjoy Action Levels

  • Busy professional who wants a low-key, relaxed moment.
  • College student who wants to reduce their anxiety.
  • Stroke survivor who wants to strengthen their motor skills.
  • Parent who wants a safe and engaging family activity.
  • High School student who is curious about pursuing STEM as a career.
  • Middle school tinkerer who is curious and wants to explore.
  • School district’s that want to improve test scores.
  • Teachers who want asynchronous learning tools for their students.